Changing thE


about what it means to be a church and what it looks like to follow Jesus 


A NEW CHURCH FOR an OLD  neighborhood

The East Point and Historic College Park neighborhoods have been at the center of Atlanta’s story of growth for decades. Located near one of the world’s busiest airports, this Southside region has been an industrial hub, distribution center, bedroom suburb and home for the tens of thousands of workers connected to the airline industry.

Today, these and surrounding neighborhoods are made up of a very diverse group of people from an ethnic, age, socio-economic and lifestyle perspective. And to be quite honest, some of these areas have been known for their high crimes rates. at the same time, the “Tri-Cities” communities have produced many famous artist, athletes, political leaders and other cultural influences. These are some of the reasons that we believe that this place and this time is critical in the story that is being written about urban life today.

We have the opportunity to speak into the value systems of people that live in economic disparity, racial tension and the brokenness of looking for answers in traditional systems that are simply trying to hold onto the past and present and not move into the future.

We are changing the conversation about church by building it into the fabric of the neighborhood and into the real lives of every day people like you… and we're just getting started! If you, like us, are FOR the future, consider joining us for one of our worship gatherings, one of our local “deck parties” or just for a conversation, then we want to connect with you. 

Right now we simply meet twice per month for “church” in the Duck Club speakeasy at 3719 Main Street in Historic College Park, across from the old Depot - each 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month unless otherwise noted. Come join us for some coffee & tasty snacks, but mostly for the conversation!

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There's a place here for everyone.

We need your help to make room for more. Whether your live in the area or not, there's a place here for you to make an impact by supporting Church 51 financially. Every gift counts. We are deeply grateful for your generosity!