The Rhythm of Waiting

Have you ever waited for something to happen or to become a reality? Did it ever happen? The Church51 Missional Community is taking a look at the Book of Psalms and seeing that the writers often experienced some of the same rhythms of life that we do. One of those is... Waiting.

You can check our the scripture selections from Psalms and some questions through this link: Scripture study on Waiting

Each passage conveyed that the author was waiting. What were they waiting for? Some of the group answers...

waiting for justice, waiting to be known, waiting for payback, waiting for validation, waiting for sympathy, waiting for love, waiting for reciprocation of good deeds, waiting for God to act, waiting for God...period, waiting for the future they believe is coming. It could be very self revealing to ask yourself. 

“What am I waiting for?”

There is a strong connection between hope & waiting. The human soul cannot thrive without hope. When hope is extinguished, depression begins to build. Hope is always in the future, but it provides the context for living today. It informs us that our present actions and choices have a future implication.

The gap between what we see now and what we hope for in the future is called...wait for it... faith. To borrow some lyrics from Switchfoot, faith is the gap between “how it is and how it should be... between who you are and who you could be.” That’s pretty good, huh?

Some good reasons to wait:

1. God is not ready. Galatians 4:4, God acts when the time is right. Looking back in our lives, we often see that things that happened later than we wished for, actually happened at the right time form the perspective of history.

2. Other people are not ready. 2 Peter 3:9 God’s heart is leveraged towards giving people time to change their hearts & minds. Time will not last forever, the clock eventually runs out, but God has waited on each of us and is waiting on other people to turn to Him. This is very different from the narrative that most religions, including much of Christianity, has told about a far off god that is pissed off and seems to look forward to punishing. Not true!

3. You’re not ready. Philippians 1:6 There is a process going on right now in your soul. God sees a future “you” that is the person you were meant to be. Everything in your life has the potential to work towards that future. Are you syncing up with, or resisting that transformation?

Another possibility is that we may be confusing “waiting” with being passive and doing nothing. Could it be that the doing, going and becoming is what will move us through the waiting? Try to figure out some place or area of life that you sense God is moving...then join in with that, as completely or as quickly as possible.

Listen to these songs: Switchfoot’s, Dare You to Move & U2’s, 40