Life is broken! Here is the cure.

Sometimes, it's hard to have hope.

It can be depressing as terrorist attacks, endless refugees, human trafficking, unwanted children, violence, hunger & disease are all across the planet. Locally it seems that people are increasingly divided and focused on their own micro sensitivities. Darkness appears to be winning against the light.

At Church51, we don't believe that. We believe in the future and we believe in the possibility of human transformation. And while humanity's problems vary dramatically in scope, they all stem from three basic issues. We have lost our sense of identiy. We have an empty experience of intimacy. And we are unsure of our personal destiny. We are searching... for ourselves, for each other and for our way. Erwin McManus writes that our souls actually have cravings, and we long to satisfy them.

One of our core beliefs is that faith in Jesus is the ultimate solution to humanity's brokenness. But there is a space that can help us move us towards becoming the person we were meant to be and living the life we were meant to live. That space is called a Missional Community.

A Missional Community is a group of 10-25 people that focus on three primary objectives:

  •  to actively pursue relationships inside and outside the MC (missional community). This is more than just catching up with each other once a week. Yes, we are committed to being friends but we want the environment to feel like family. The scriptures tell us that church is not like a family, it is family. And we want the new normal to be that we are inviting others into the family all the time. Remember, we're all searching for intimacy. (to know others and to be known)
  • to be intentional about not only our own personal transformation, but the transformation of those around us. We call this “life on life” discipleship or spiritual formation. Being part of a missional community should make it difficult for a person to stay the same, but would rather, continue to become the person they were meant to be. We're all looking for identity.
  • to always be asking and acting upon this question - “How can we help to help what is broken in our neighborhood?” Another of our primary core beliefs is that humans were created to be generative, not just consumers. A missional community cannot exist for it’s own edification alone, but must look for ways to serve others in our context. We define “neighborhood” by where we live, work, play, go to school or the networks of relationships where we have influence. Every human has a unique destiny or mission.

How are you doing in these three areas? A quick evaluation can always be done by asking three questions:

Am I meaningfully connected to other people?

Am I becoming a better person?

Am I  expanding the good in the world?

Being part of a Missional Community puts you on a path of movement in all three facets of your life. If you want to know more about being part of a missional community or want to check out the experience, click here.