Why Change the Conversation about Church?

1. Fewer and fewer people are connected to a church in their community. More and more, our cities are being called post-Christian cultures (that means they are moving on to other ideas). Here's the data - Recent Study. Most people that we encounter are seeking to have better relationships, a deep sense of purpose and some answers about how the universe is made. But here's the kicker - they don't think "church" is a place that cares about those things. We've got to change that conversation!


2. Church has become a place where we consume our faith. We even use spiritual language to describe this relationship. We say that we are "being fed." When Jesus' followers pointed out that people were hungry, He said, "you feed them." Even when they turned over all they could find to him, he gave it back and instructed them to give the people whatever they had. It was more than enough! The church is meant to be a community that serves others, not a group that donate so that they can be served. That's not a sustainable model. We've got to change that conversation!


3. Church is not a place. It's the people. We may agree with this and say that we believe it but increasingly, we are creating permanent destinations where people can come get good stuff. That's not terrible, but the church is supposed to be mobile, spread through life on life engagement and happening whenever & wherever life exists...not just at certain places & times on Sundays.