As a person of faith, should I trust my feelings & emotions?

Did you see the Disney movie, Inside Out? It's all about feelings and emotions. Loved it and at the same time, thought, "why don't we talk about this kind of stuff more?"

Many of us, especially men, grew up in a time where it wasn't cool to trust your emotions or your feelings. We even used the pop song, "Feelings" as kind of a punchline and as a way to make fun of people. On the other hand, we can go to the opposite extreme and make some really poor choices and decisions based on the emotion of the day or even the moment.  (Did your mind just go to that tattoo that you'd like to get removed?)

Over the years, I have come to 2 conclusions: First, every human was created by God to be an emotional being. To suppress that is not only unhealthy, but a denial or rejection of part of what God created. And secondly, it our interpretation of the emotion (feeling) that is often erroneous or misunderstood. This is the source of most of our pain and relations dysfunction.

Our missional community is about to embark on a conversation for at least 2-3 months about emotions/feelings. We'll focus on 8: Hurt, Lonely, Sad, Anger, Fear, Shame, Guilt & Glad. There's no denying that every one of us have encountered these feelings. But what do we do with them? What do they mean? 

We're using the book, Voice of the Heart, by Dr. Chip Dodd, as a launching pad for our discussions. We'll read a chapter and then come together and talk about it.

This could be a good opportunity for you to join in or even go through this process where you are (if you're not local to ATL). We have plenty of copies of the book or you can always download a digital copy from Amazon or whatever source you use for books. 

The Ponce City Missional Community is basic "building block" of Church51. It is our core launch team , if you will. One day, we hope to see healthy Missional communities all over Atlanta. If you'd like to join us for this topic or just check us out, we meet on Sunday evenings at 6 PM, apartment W330 in the Ponce City Market building.

If you have questions about how ti find us or about Church51, email us at